iRacing Weekly Thread Creator

Weekly Thread Creator automates the creation of weekly threads for the iRacing forum.

Download: version 19.1



Add support for extended time-of-day settings (sunrise, sunset, noon).
Add minimum license required under race info.


Again lots of changes under the hood with the way default (online) settings are handled.


Lots of things changed this update under the hood, it is recommended to delete the cars, forums, tracks, and series ini files from the data directory to have 'clean' files.
Schedules are now forced from the online data, so the app is always up-to-date. It is also no longer needed to manually activate a new season.
More data is now included in the online JSON, and can no longer be edited from the app. If you want these added contact me.
Custom data which has not been edited from the default values will now be overwritten from the online ini files if there are any changes. Set the 'Always save data in INI files as custom values' option to disable this feature.


VRS data is now retrieved automatically when copying the body text, a VRS datapack id needs to be added to the relevant cars.


Fuel usage must now be set in the schedule section, not in the car section.
Fuel data is now stored in a separate file, which is also used for determining fuel usage for a new season.


iRacing data is now scraped separately and the app then retrieves it from my website, which is a lot faster. Because of this, logging in to iRacing is no longer needed.


Completely new version, now gets info from the iRacing website.
Added GUI to edit info.
Includes auto updater.


Added optional Virtual Racing School and Apex Racing Academy sections, set banners in general.ini, toggle in series.ini.


Added Le Mans 24H.
Added Mid-Ohio Chicane.
Added Monza GP no Chicanes.
Added NHMS Road with South Oval.
Added Oulton Park Intl no Brittens.
Added Silverstone Southern.
Added Watkins Glen Classic.


Small tweak to support series with less than 12 weeks, this is still not optimal.
Added support for Kamel GT Championship.


Updated for 2016S4. Some tracks are still missing, I'll add them later. All series should be good to go for the first 4 weeks at least.


Disabled the auto-posting feature for now because it kept making empty posts.


Added support for Grand Touring Cup.
Added Monza Junior.
Added Road America Bend.
Added Charlotte Road.


Added support for Ruf GT3 Challenge.
Added Okayama Short.
Added check to see if the current week's track exists in Tracks.ini.


Removed most old fuel predictions.
Added a message value NoFuelDataMessage= in Forums.ini, which can be displayed if the fuel usage is unknown.
Added Imola.


Added support for different fuel factors per car, you now have to use FuelFactor_ForumName=xx for each car, even if there is only one car in the series.


Updated cars, tracks and schedules for 2016S3.
Removed support for V8 Supercars.
Added timer after submitting a post, you can change the duration in General.ini.
Replaced all ForumLink= with ForumID= in Forums.ini.


Adding a series forum link should refresh the generated post.
Stored password is now encrypted.
Added simple version check.


Added the option to post the thread from within the app. I haven't found a good way yet to check if it went through OK, so please check manually for now...


All banners can now specify if an empty line is added below them, set this by adding the BR tag.


Can now set various banner links in General.ini (xxxxBanner=).
iRLeagues standings and weekstats are now automatically generated if a value is entered in Series.ini (IRLeaguesSeriesName=).