iRacing Fuel Buddy

Fuel Buddy is a program to assist in planning fuel requirements for different races in the iRacing simulator.

How does it work? You run the program, set a few variables (optional, but recommended), and while you're driving it will record your fuel usage per lap and per minute, which you can then save for later review, or let the program automatically save it. You can then let it calculate the fuel needed for a certain amount of laps or minutes.

It is lightweight, runs in the background and you can set it up so it requires zero input, and starts with Windows. You can do a practice today, just run some laps, not think about fuel usage at all, and a couple of days later you could check out how much fuel you would need for that specific car/track combo.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an experienced programmer at all, and I made this program for myself initially, and because I find it fun to mess around with some programming again. I think it's at a stage now where it could be useful for others. But... it is not properly tested at all, so use at your own risk!

This application is no longer supported. A new version is in the works... #soon

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