iRacing Control Center

Control Center automates the starting and stopping of iRacing related applications, and stop certain apps depending on the type of session to prevent unwanted popups. It can also create profiles to handle different iRacing settings.

Download link removed, this application is no longer supported or maintained.

A few quick explanations:


Activate: This will copy the selected profile settings to the iRacing settings, overwriting all current settings.
Update: This will copy the current iRacing settings to the selected profile settings, overwriting the backed up settings.


Name: Custom description of the application.
Process: Process name as you see it in Task Manager, this will be derived from the executable initially, but may not always be the same.
Executable: The executable used to start the application.
Parameters: Any parameters needed, these will be passed on to the executable.
Auto Start: This will cause the application to start upon starting Control Center.
Auto Suppress: This will cause the application to close temporarily when any iRacing session is detected which is selected in Settings. In this case applications will always be closed forcefully to prevent popups.
Auto Close: This will cause the application to close upon exiting Control Center.
Always Force Close: Normally when exiting (Auto Close option) the application will be closed normally. But in some cases you might want to have it forced, in the case of applications minimzed to system tray for example.

NOTE: Disabling Aero doesn't work for me since switching to Windows 10, your mileage may vary...



Now uses auto-updater
Fixed some .NET incompatibility
Now creates a backup on startup


Removed renderer.ini from profiles since DX9 is no longer supported


Fixed apps.csv not being written correctly when there are no applications


Fixed wrong form title


Initial version